Business As Usual During Winter Conditions


Don’t let harsh weather conditions interfere with your business. KMC Snow & Ice Management Ltd understands how important snow removal is in keeping daily business running smoothly in Columbus and surrounding areas.


Organized Work Schedules – Advanced Equipment – Skilled Work Crews


With many years of experience, KMC Snow & Ice Management Ltd executes a highly organized strategy that includes accurate weather and storm tracking to ensure that winters are stress free for each of our commercial clients in Columbus and surrounding areas. We carefully and consistently maintain our advanced equipment and offer well-organized snow removal crews who provide around-the-clock service.


Don’t Let Winter Conditions Interfere With Daily Life

We know you need to get to work on time and allow others safe access to your property. KMC Snow & Ice Management Ltd ensures that your property is clear and secure when winter conditions in Columbus and surrounding areas get harsh. Call (833) 834 - 1234 to find out more about our special payment plans and packages.


Snow Removal And De-Icing For All Types Of Businesses

KMC Snow & Ice Management Ltd trucks, tractors and plows are fully equipped and well-maintained to ensure safe access to any Columbus and surrounding areas property, including:

  • Office Buildings

  • Industrial areas

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping malls

  • Entertainment complexes

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Schools

  • Property Management Companies

Snow Plowing and Removal

Commercial snow removal is a necessary and challenging part of managing any property in the Central Ohio area. Columbus, Ohio business owners know the dangers of a heavy snowfall and the damage it can cause. We are here to help with free estimates and consultations.


In areas prone to winter precipitation, businesses must be able to quickly respond to snow and ice on roadways. Ice removal is a vital service in these communities. Deicing chemicals melt ice by lowering the temperature at which it melts. They can also prevent new ice from forming and improve traction.

Safety Salt Application

Winter is always a challenge for Ohio drivers. Every year, wintertime slick alters and magnifies all aspects of driving, particularly braking and steering, making ice-related crashes and accidents an inevitable obstacle for the season. Road salt remains a viable product for preventing serious winter driving hazards and ensuring your safety.

Roof Snow Removal

When heavy snow accumulates on your roof, its weight causes your roof a great deal of stress. A novice snow removal team will not understand the complexities and hazards on your roof and can oftentimes do more harm to your roof than good. Don’t put your people or property at risk, call us.

Drainage Clearing

Our experts are always available to provide quality drain cleaning in Columbus. We have made it our mission to provide homeowner with reliable, dependable, and professional drain services. In addition to free consultations, we are available 24/7 and keep our trucks fully stocked so that our highly-trained technicians can provide you with same-day service.

Ice Removal For Industrial Areas

No matter the size of your project we are here to accommodate all of your milling needs. Whether it is for highway construction or a small town road, we are here to help with transportation and logistical needs. 

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